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1.   2141 positive emails
"Fiona Jones is the reason so many female voodoo priestess pushed to be better in their art. She has been like a mentor to many and she is a legend in the inner circuits of voodoo. She help and she can help you too. Discover voodoo once and for all! " 
Speciality: Revenge spells, Love spells, Money spells, protection spells
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2.   2009 positive emails
"Arewa has been practicing authentic voodoo for the past 23 years and knows all its secrets. She recently opened the doors to her site and for the first time ever you can ask her to help you. Her response have been overwhelming and she will surely be the no1 voodoo spell caster in 2010. " 
Speciality: Revenge spells, Love spells, money spells, protection spells, Divination spells
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3.   1770 positive emails
"Samuel Souza do Nascimento has always considered his witchcraft and spiritual sense as a gift from God.He cis very seriously and prove every single day that my services are the finest you can find online. Spells to retrieve a loved one or revenge of someone who done you wrong. You can't be wrong if you decide to use his services. You will be happy. " 
Speciality: love spells, protection spells, revenge spells
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4.   2364 positive emails
"Papa Salomon: Healer and Hoodoo priest is the most powerful hoodoo spell caster there is. He has traveled around the world to help people. Normal people like you and me and important people like head of state and celebrities! His services is 100% but what drags the rating down is that he is always very busy and sought for. Waiting time for his services is sometimes 2 weeks. " 
Speciality: Revenge spells, Love spells, Money spells, Protection spells
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5.   102 positive emails
"Saulat offers a big range of spells and products. Not only voodoo. A big site with much to see. Unfortunately not very nice looking site. We await more positve reactions about this caster and will update this text, " 
Speciality: Revenge, money, luck, protection, Divination
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